Can I invite multiple Users at once?

  • Yes, SmartRoom Managers, or if you were given this access by SmartRoom Management can import an invite template containing the information of the individuals you need to invite. Please note, the invitations will go out at the same time but each person will receive their own unique email invitation.
    1. Select the “Users” tab on the left side User Menu and click on “Invite Users”
    2. On the User List tab download the example .csv file
    3. Enter the user information and save as a .csv
    4. Load .csv , review the user list and select “Next”
    5. Enter email invitation body and select “Invite Users”
  • Another option for inviting multiple users at once is, on the User List tab click on the plus sign to add as many lines of people you need to invite. Once added select “Next” to enter the email invitation body and select “Invite Users”.