Can I share files in the SmartRoom to non-SmartRoom Users?

  • If you are a SmartRoom Manager, you can utilize the “SmartShare” feature in the room. SmartShare will allow you to share folders/and or files externally with non-SmartRoom Users while still maintaining security and reporting.  SmartShare is more secure than sending documents over email and allows the SmartRoom Manager to remain in control on the access of the document by adding passwords and setting expiration dates.
    1. Hover over the folder or file name you want to share and select “Create Share” under the 3 horizontal line list of items
    2. Enter the email addresses of those you want to share the folder or file with
    3. Enter a password (suggested but not required in order to share)
    4. Enter a message (suggested but not required in order to share)
    5. Select the Expiration Type (suggested but not required in order to share)
    6. Click on “Share”